Emergency care is in crisis.

Medically unnecessary ambulance transports contribute to 18 million avoidable hospital ER visits each year, resulting in $32 billion in costs to the US Health Care System. Expensive out-of-network ER bills, high deductibles and co-pays, all contribute to this growing problem.

Tele911 is the solution

Tele911TM is a technology company that integrates with EMS Provider Agencies to care for stable patients via our Tele911 Virtual Visit. Patients may be treated at home or transported to an Alternate Destination.

Tele911TM works with Participating Health Plans to deliver cost effective, patient-centered in-network care which minimizes out of pocket costs to patients while allowing First Responders to respond to time-critical calls.

Participating Health Plan Services

Tele911™ offers significant cost savings for Participating Health Plans via our safe, HIPAA-compliant platform.

  • Tele911 Virtual Visits provide alternatives to medically unnecessary ambulance transports of stable 911 patients to hospital ERs, resulting in significant cost savings for Participating Health Plans.
  • Alternate Destination Navigation to urgent care clinics, mental health facilities, or sobering centers.
  • Navigation to an in-network ER when ER care is required.
  • Notification to Participating Health Plans of patient disposition.

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EMS Provider Agency Services

The Tele911TM platform seamlessly integrates into the prehospital workflow to allow our board-certified Emergency Physicians to work directly with paramedics on scene. The Tele911 Virtual Visit safely allows patients to be treated in place or transported to an Alternate Destination.

  • Reimbursement by Participating Health Plans to the EMS Provider Agency for their response instead of transport
  • Reimbursement for transport to Alternate Destinations and in-network ERs
  • Integration with CMS Emergency Triage, Treat, and Transport – ET3 Program
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Benefits for Patients

Safety: Tele911TM brings the experience and expertise of Emergency Physicians to the patient in their home via a Tele911 Virtual Visit.

Convenience: A high-level of care is provided without the patient ever leaving their home!

Cost-savings: Treatment in Place or transport to an in-network ER can save the patient and their family hundreds or thousands of dollars in co-pays and deductibles.

Save time, save lives, and save money.

Why should every 911 call result in ambulance transport to a crowded and expensive ER?
Partnering with Tele911TM provides the solution.

Welcome to the future of EMS: The time is now.