Tele911 providers can now transfer non-emergent 911 calls directly to Workit Health for immediate substance use disorder treatment.

Ann Arbor, Mich. (July 12, 2022) – Workit Health, the nation’s leading provider of virtual substance use disorder treatment, has joined forces with Tele911 to act as an immediate resource for non-emergent 911 calls in California, Florida and Texas. 

Tele911 is a healthcare technology company that integrates telemedicine and patient navigation into the emergency medical services (EMS) system. As an EMS triage partner, it offers an alternative to medically unnecessary ambulance transport of stable 911 patients to the emergency room. 

The Workit Health clinic located in each state provides 100% virtual services to residents for substance use, mental health and other common co-occurring conditions such as hepatitis C. California, Florida and Texas residents can connect with licensed clinicians and counselors via live chat and video through the Workit Health app and receive appropriate medication e-prescribed to their local pharmacy. 

“This partnership is critical to caring for individuals with an illness that is punctuated by crises,” said M. Justin Coffey, M.D., Workit Health’s chief medical officer. “Tele911 enables individuals to get the care they want and need when they want and need it, including emergencies.” 

“We found that a majority of patients transported to an ER by ambulance can be safely treated at home via telehealth or at a clinic,” said Tele911 co-founder and CEO Marc Eckstein, M.D., MPH. “Being able to partner with Workit Health allows us to connect stable patients with immediate care tailored to their needs, which is transforming the EMS system.”

Workit Health prioritizes a medicine-first, evidence-based approach to addiction treatment that is proven to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, provide necessary emotional support and ultimately reduce the risk of relapse or overdose. Clinical evidence supports that FDA-approved medication plays a critical role in recovery from substance use and co-occurring disorders, cutting overdose death rates from opioids in half. 

In addition to the three states named above, Workit Health and Tele911 have plans to expand into other U.S markets soon. 

About Workit Health 

Workit Health is the industry-leading provider of clinically proven telemedicine treatment for substance use disorder, offering online therapy, medication-assisted treatment, psychiatric support, and primary care via the Workit Health mobile app.  Workit brings the gold standard of substance use treatment into the privacy of people’s homes at the moment they’re ready for help, allowing people to find long-

term freedom from drugs and alcohol with minimal disruption to their daily lives.  Workit Health partners with individuals, health plans and employers. Workit Health recently launched the first 100 percent virtual stimulant use disorder treatment program. More about Workit Health at:

About Tele911 

Tele911 is an innovative telehealth company specializing in transforming emergency care by partnering with local fire departments and EMS agencies to provide real-time telehealth consultations with emergency physicians to avoid unnecessary ambulance transports to crowded ERs and provide patient navigation and linkage to primary care and social services. For more information on Tele911, visit



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Tele911: Kimberly Janicak, 615.557.5965