Patient-centered, safe,
cost-effective care.

Why Tele911?

EMS Provider Agencies have a mission to save lives, but are confronting growing budget deficits and increasing EMS demand, especially for low acuity patients, frequent callers, and patients suffering from mental illness or substance abuse.

Tele911™ is the solution.

We provide a safe, patient-centered software platform that integrates telemedicine and patient navigation into EMS. Tele911™ provides alternatives to medically unnecessary ambulance transport of stable 911 patients to expensive, crowded hospital ERs.

The Tele911™ platform integrates seamlessly with EMS Provider Agency operations. Our Tele911 Virtual Visits allow board-certified Emergency Physicians to work directly with paramedics on scene to safely allow patients to be treated in place or transported to an in-network ER or Alternate Destination.

EMS resources can be quickly released on scene, saving the transport time, ER “wall time”, and the need to decontaminate the ambulance. These significant time savings allow First Responders to become available 45-60 minutes faster, decreasing response times to critical calls and saving lives.

With Tele911™, EMS Provider Agencies can bill Participating Health Plans for their response, even if the patient is not transported.

Best of all, there is NO COST for EMS Provider Agencies to partner with Tele911.

Tele911™ is not just another telemedicine company. We are a technology company that is designed specifically to integrate into 911 EMS systems and Participating Health Care Plans. Tele911™ was founded by some of the nation’s leading experts in Emergency Medicine, EMS, 911-CAD software, and healthcare innovation.

Tele911™ is the mutual aid partner for EMS Provider Agencies to serve their communities despite growing challenges without negatively impacting revenue.

Tele911™ is ready to partner with Health Plans, EMS Provider Agencies and Fire Departments interested in obtaining these significant benefits today!

Welcome to the future of EMS: The time is now.