Patient-centered, safe and
cost-effective care.


Tele911™ integrates technology and telemedicine into regional Emergency Medical Services (EMS) systems to allow board-certified Emergency Physicians to work directly with paramedics and patients on scene via a Tele911 Virtual Visit. We safely allow stable patients who call 911 to be treated in place or be transported to an appropriate, in-network Alternate Destination.


Patients who call 911 still receive an evaluation and full assessment on scene by First Responders. Once it is determined that the patient is stable and does not require ambulance transport to an ER, the patient can remain in the comfort of their own home.


Most patients evaluated via a Tele911 Virtual Visit will be able to be treated in place and avoid unnecessary ambulance transport to a crowded and expensive ER. This can save the patient and their family hundreds or thousands of dollars in co-pays and deductibles.

Welcome to the future of EMS: The time is now.