Now patients can be safely
Treated in Place.

Tele911™ is the solution for EMS systems.

Tele911™ allows EMS Provider Agencies to accomplish their mission despite budget cuts, fewer EMS resources, and the growing use of 911 by low acuity patients and those with mental health crises and substance abuse.

EMS-Integrated Telemedicine
and Destination Management



Get your ambulances back in service faster

Decrease ER wall time

Decrease response times to critical calls

Telemedicine for non-transports of high risk patients


Reimbursement for treat and release (Treatment in Place), not just transport

Reimbursement for transport to Alternate Destinations

Legislative changes

ET3 – Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport

  • Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) ET3 Program
  • Applies to Medicare Fee-for-Service patients – effective Jan 2021
  • Provides reimbursement for ambulance response without transport or transport to Alternate Destinations
  • Provides reimbursement for telemedicine

California AB 1544 Community Paramedicine/Triage to Alternate Destination Act

  • Authorizes Alternate Destination Transport and Treatment in Place
  • Same reimbursement changes as ET3

Tele911™ Acts as a Mutual Aid Provider with its
Partner EMS Agencies

Tele911™ provides telemedicine services and takes responsibility for the disposition of stable Participating Health Plan members evaluated by First Responders on scene. Unnecessary ambulance transports to crowded ERs are avoided, patients receive convenient, high level care, and paramedics go back in service faster to save lives and better serve their community.

There is absolutely no cost to integrate Tele911™ into your EMS system. The app and software are free, and Tele911™ provides suggested protocols and training for your agency.

Welcome to the future of EMS: The time is now.